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When the time comes to change your brakes,
think Bumper to Bumper®.

We are a team of real part experts spread across our 150 stores over Canada, trained and ready to advise you on the purchase of your rotors and brakes pads.

The maintenance of your brakes consists mainly in replacing the existing brake pads and rotors on your vehicle. These have more than 65,000 km or you notice a significant loss of your braking power? It’s now time to come visit us in stores to know about the latest technological advances in brakes. Our experts will guide you through your purchasing process and offer you a variety of brands and products to suit your vehicle and your driving style. In addition, you will find all the tools and accessories you need to do your maintenance like a real professional.


Our stores hold an extensive inventory of pads for all budgets.

WordParts Brake Pads

The constant evolution of braking systems favors the regular introduction of new products on the market.

The durability, noise, comfort, heat coefficient, break-in period and cost are all factors to consider when choosing the braking materials of your future pads. Whether they are ceramic, metallic, semi-metallic or organic asbestos-free pads, some are better suited than others for certain vehicles and driving styles.

At Bumper to Bumper®, we are authentic brake professionnals with expert knowledge of our in-store products. Let us turn your expense into an investment and give you peace of mind for kilometers to come.



Worldparts® Brake Pads: an affordable, safe and quiet braking solution.

Worldparts® Brake Pads include all the required accessories for easy and professional installation. Our range includes ceramic or metallic pads to adapt to your vehicle’s specific braking needs.

Ready to Install

Install ready, featuring all the accessories needed for easy, safe and professional installation ;

Easier Break-In

Scorched brake process for excellent stopping performance on first braking after service ;

Precision Made

Designed to the original formulation types (ceramic or metallic) to match your vehicle's braking requirements ;

¨N3¨ Noise-Free Technology

Positive mold formulations, smooth backing plate finish and double sided rubberized shims Incorporates top three features for noise-free braking.


Our other trustworthy brands.

Bumper To Bumper Raybestos Logo

Raybestos has been a giant in the automotive aftermarket industry for over a century. As an industry leader, Raybestos is committed to manufacturing high-quality brake parts that offer unparalleled performance and safety.

Bumper To Bumper Raybestos Brake Pad 2

From brake pads to rotors, calipers to hydraulics, Raybestos produces dependable brake parts with expansive coverage. All of our products are extensively tested so you can be sure you are buying a product that is reliable and safe ;

At Raybestos, we are proud of our storied past, but continuously strive to be innovators in our industry. Rely on Raybestos to deliver brake parts that you can depend on.

Bumper To Bumper Rs Parts Logo
Bumper To Bumper Rs Parts Brake Pad
Ceramic Pads

True NAO ceramic formulation that offers quieter braking, reduced brake dust and better fade resistance

Semi-Metallic Pads

Improve durability and enhance stopping power under all driving conditions

Includes all applicable wear sensors ;

Includes applicable installation hardware ;

Dynamometer-tested for performance and wear ;

Satisfies the requirements of the reduce copper legislation ;

Asbestos free ;

Manufactured in ISO 9001/TTS16949-certified factories.


Our stores hold an extensive inventory of rotors for all budgets.

Bumper to Bumper

Sometimes neglected, the replacement of the rotors are often pushed back during the maintenance of your brakes.

However, timely replacement of the rotors extends the life cycle and performance of the pads.

Bumper to Bumper® distributes the largest national brands of slotted, drilled, coated, black hat and standard rotors in Canada. Our experts are familiar with the various disc designs available, the properties of their alloys and the recommended OE specifications for your vehicle.

Come visit us in stores to better determine yours needs and get quality rotors to install on your vehicle.


worldparts logo for bumper to bumper

Our private brand Worldparts® statisfies the highest expectations of canadian customers.

For consumers who want to enhance the look of their vehicle and extend the life of its braking system.

Worldparts® Coated Brake Rotors are corrosion- and solvent-resistant. Field tests have demonstrated their resistance to damage caused by rain, salt and snow.

Ready to Install

No machining or degreasing, thereby saving installation time ;

Non-Directional Finishing

For reduced vibration and exceptionally smooth and quiet braking performance ;

OE Vane Configuration Design & Quantity

For improved brake performance and life with optimal cooling and decreased fading ;

Application-Specific Metallurgy

Premium GG20 and GG25 metallurgy materials (when required) Provides higher conductivity to resist fade and radial cracking.

Brake disc rotor 360 view

Our other trustworthy brands.

Bumper To Bumper Rs Parts Standard Rotor


Computerized machining with tight quality standards ;

Made with quality materials for consistent performance and fade resistance ;

Premium G3000 Metallurgy to provide durability and resistance ;

Quality design and construction to meet OE specifications ;

Non-directional finish – A proven technology that contributes to reducing noise and squealing.

Bumper To Bumper Rs Parts Black Hat Rotors


Painted black hat and rim for improved initial apearance over standard rotors ;

Computerized machining with tight quality standards ;

Made with quality materials for consistent performance and fade resistance ;

Premium G3000 Metallurgy to provide durability and resistance ;

Quality design and construction to meet OE specifications.