Innovative Engineering: Spectra Premium

Replace your oil pan for the last time thanks to Bumper to Bumper and spectra Premium!

Oil Pan Drain Plugs

Drain plugs are bolted to the bottom of the oil pan, and must be removed and reinstalled at each and every oil change.

The drain plug bolt on aluminum oil pans must be tightened to precise torque specifications. When replacing the drain plug, first install the drain plug finger-tight before using a torque wrench to reach recommended torque specifications from the manufacturer.

Innovative Engineering: Steel Threads Inserts on Aluminum Oil Pans

If torque specifications are not respected when replacing the drain plug, the bolt threads of an aluminum oil pan will become stripped and become unusable, resulting in costly repairs.

To protect aluminum oil pans from this common cause of failure, Spectra Premium improved the original design by featuring a steel drain plug insert on most of its aluminum models.

This innovation significantly increases the life of the oil pan by providing increased durability while maintaining the OE drain plug specifications.

These replacement oil pans passed cycle, torque and thermal cycle tests to ensure that they last over a hundred oil changes.

Another Spectra Premium innovation leading to greater part longevity and durability.

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Heater Season

<p>As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, drivers start turning the dial of the temperature control toward the red zone. To generate heat in the passengers’ compartment, the heater core pushes residual heat from the engine. <br></p>


High-performance filters for new or older engines

High-performance filters for new or older engines