2nd podium of the season for Kevin Lacroix and Bumper to Bumper Team at Jukasa Motor Speedway!

A well-deserved second place for the #74 Dodge driver Bumper to Bumper / Total / Gates / PFC Brakes in NASCAR Pinty's.

The bad weather didn’t stop the APC 200 from taking place this weekend at Jukasa Motor Speedway. Despite a rainy Saturday that ensured that the race was postponed to the next day, Sunday, June 2, the practices and qualifications still took place as planned!

Lacroix was looking forward to returning at Jukasa Motor Speedway because last year he won his first victory on the oval circuit there. The hope of trying to repeat this win a second time was present for the pilot and his team.

Kevin Lacroix started the 200 laps of the first oval circuit of the 2019 season early Sunday afternoon, in 11th position. " The race went really well. As per usual, we were not very fast in the opening stage. But after ten laps or so, the other drivers began to slow down, but we kept the same pace. We were then able to make our way up the field. " - Kevin Lacroix.

This strategy allowed Kevin Lacroix to finish the APC 200 in second place behind #27, Andrew Ranger, who resisted the burden of #74 during the overtime round, but it is a solid performance of our pilot. ''The car is always good over long distances and we hoped it would be the same today, that’s what happened. We were able to do a good race and put the Bumper To Bumper car in second place, which is a good thing.'' - Kevin Lacroix.

It was an Action-Packed final race: when Kevin was in 3rd position, but still far from the leader and he didn’t think he had a chance to win the race. However, a yellow flag during the last lap allowed the peloton to regroup and this gave Lacroix the chance to win the second position immediately!

After his first position at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and his second position at the Jukasa Motor Speedway, Kevin is now in 2nd place in the Championship Standings, with only 1 point behind Andrew Ranger! But the season is still young and the native of St-Eustache will certainly be able to stand out again in the next races.
The NASCAR Pintys series will take place on Saturday, June 29 during the Budweiser 300 at Autodrome Chaudière.More details will follow, stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter Page!

Photo Credit: Matthew Manor


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