The more you buy from us, to more you get back! When joining one of our program for repair centres you start earning loyalty dollars every time you purchase products from eligible lines through your merchant.

In addition to our loyalty dollar program, you can also accumulate funds and use this money to renew your tools, equipment or business image. With every purchase, you automatically earn back a percentage, which accrues in your equipment fund for five years. This amount can be used as a subsidy toward the purchase of tools and equipment. 

*Certain conditions apply.

**Available in certain programs only.


Heater Season

<p>As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, drivers start turning the dial of the temperature control toward the red zone. To generate heat in the passengers’ compartment, the heater core pushes residual heat from the engine. <br></p>


High-performance filters for new or older engines

High-performance filters for new or older engines