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Our ASP Central Point online catalogue is one of the many business solutions Uni-Select offers to ease the way of doing business for both your service writers and the members.  It is of the utmost importance to us that this catalogue not only answers your needs but that it keeps evolving to match new technological trends.  

ASP Central Point is an easy to use online ordering platform that showcases a great deal of pictures and that allows you to make quick and efficient searches to find the parts you need to perform a repair job.  The improved version of ASP Central Point introduces new functionalities that give you a competitive advantage in order to better serve your customers and help them plan their future repairs.


    Heater Season

    <p>As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, drivers start turning the dial of the temperature control toward the red zone. To generate heat in the passengers’ compartment, the heater core pushes residual heat from the engine. <br></p>


    High-performance filters for new or older engines

    High-performance filters for new or older engines