Marketing Solutions

Make the most of our available solutions and tailor them to your needs. Our banner program for repair centres offers major visibility both through mainstream marketing and online.

We offer two banner programs for our affiliated repair centres.


If it's a Pro, it's Uni-Pro

Say hello to the first customizable program in the country! You can now build a program tailored to your needs, budget and priorities. By choosing Uni-Pro, you are joining the ranks of an established brand, recognized everywhere in the country as it resonates with trust and competence. Since 1979, Uni-Pro has been making customers happy with now more than 450 repair shops across the country. Becoming part of this network is first and foremost an assurance of quality and protection.


Elite service for you and your car

Here we have a turnkey solution for established repair centres looking for a comprehensive program that prioritizes training and marketing. This brand is known for quality and service. When you join the Auto-Select network, you’re part of a new generation of shops that are redefining the industry. You become the FIRST CHOICE for customers looking for superior service and experience.

Other customizable programs are available; please contact us for more details.


Heater Season

<p>As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, drivers start turning the dial of the temperature control toward the red zone. To generate heat in the passengers’ compartment, the heater core pushes residual heat from the engine. <br></p>


High-performance filters for new or older engines

High-performance filters for new or older engines