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Bumper to Bumper is proud to offer strong, exclusive brands for our consumers. Our promise is to offer good quality, good coverage, and well known brands. Our exclusive brands allow our customers to differentiate themselves from the competition.

  • Worldparts products were introduced in 2012 to meet the specific needs of the automotive aftermarket. Our experts have developed a range of exclusive, high-quality, competitively priced products with distinctive premium features and benefits adapted to most domestic and foreign nameplate vehicles.
  • MÄKTIG is an exclusive collection of premium quality tools and equipment, manufactured by suppliers chosen from among the best in the world. Its name – originating from the same Germanic root as the word mighty – reflects the strength and durability of its products. MÄKTIG goes beyond power, with an array of solutions carefully selected to answer the ever-growing needs of the automotive, heavy-duty equipment, agricultural, and industrial markets.
  • Purezone was created to meet the specific needs of the automotive aftermarket. As a recognized partner of the industry, we developed an exclusive, high-quality, competitively priced group of products with distinctive premium features and benefits adapted to most domestic and foreign nameplate vehicles.
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  • A private program of batteries developed in partnership with an experienced manufacturer; Exide. With USTART we offer good quality products to allow our customers to compete in their respective markets. With our new USTART brand we contribute to grow the category, improve accessibility for our customers, as well as helping to build a strong brand image.
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  • Cooling depot programs offer a complete line, which specializes in temperature control. It is a complete program developed in partnership with several experienced national suppliers.
  • ColorXtra offers a wide range of products such as aerosol paint, paint stripper, primer, sealant, body filler, coveralls, touch up pen, masking tape and other items for body work specialists. All ColorXtra products are designed first and foremost to make body shop specialists' work easier while remaining affordable. We are constantly adding to our product line in order to meet our customers' specific needs
  • RS Parts’ mission is simple: to offer a full range of quality braking products at highly competitive prices. Brake drums, shoes, rotors and pads, RS Parts covers your application with a quality part that matches OE specifications. For instance, RS Parts offers both semi-metallic and ceramic pads that are shimmed, slotted and chamfered per OE design for maximum vibration prevention. RS Parts also manufactures brake rotors that are made with quality materials for consistent performance and fade resistance.​
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  • Select Xtras offers a wide variety of tire accessories ranging from clip-on and adhesive wheel weights to tire valves for a large number of applications. Select Xtras clip-on weights are offered in two materials: lead and environmentally-friendly zinc. Lead and steel adhesive weights are also part of Select Xtras’ catalogue and feature easy-pull off tape for a fast and efficient installation. Select Xtras tire valves feature high-quality EPDM rubber and premium brass material for durability against external elements.

Featured brands

Rs Parts

If your car, truck or SUV is due for a brake job, choosing quality parts is always beneficial in the long run. And if you are also looking for a competitive price, RS Parts has everything you need to get the job done.

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Raybestos offers highly dependable, superior quality brake parts for cars, trucks and specialty vehicles. It is a one-stop shop for anything related to your braking system.

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Worldparts offer an excellent value in terms of durability and quality. The brand covers an expansive list of applications for cars, trucks and SUVs from domestic and imported makes.

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