Kevin Lacroix & Bumper to Bumper are ready to conquer the streets of Toronto!

Kevin Lacroix and Bumper to Bumper Team are finalizing their preparations for one of only two events on an urban track of the NASCAR Pinty's season

For this 2.9km track, the Dodge # 74 Bumper to Bumper / Total / Gates / PFC Brakes will attempt to conquer the streets of Toronto and erase last year's result. In 2018, Lacroix was involved in an accident during the qualifying session. He had to change the car for the race while the one used for the qualifying was completely destroyed by the accident. Kevin Lacroix doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes as last year, "I love this track, the imperfections of the streets make the races interesting because we have to adapt our braking and acceleration''.

Grand Prix of Toronto is an important event attracting a crowd of fans as the track is shared with the IndyCar, which attracts many people from across Canada and the United States! For Kevin, it's always a pleasure to race in Toronto: the atmosphere is always very festive and the fans participate are engaged.

The NASCAR Pinty's race will start this Saturday, July 13 around 5:30PM It will represent the 4th race of the season, while Lacroix leads the championship with only one point ahead. Our pilot is still realistic: " The title is not won in advance so everything has to go perfectly. The slightest mistake could cost us dearly. I will make sure to give a good show to all those who will be present on the site. "

To follow Kevin Lacroix et Bumper to Bumper during this weekend, visit our Facebook and Twitter!

Photo credit: Matthew Manor


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High-performance filters for new or older engines