Count ‘em up. That is 3 wins this season. 

At the midway point of the NASCAR season, we wanted to take a look back of some of the season’s best moments. Good news for all of us…our NASCAR driver is in a very good position having established a hat trick with only 8 races into the season by winning all three road course races in the NASCAR Pinty’s 2017 season. Our driver is currently second overall in the championship points lead.

Here is what you need to know since the start of the 2017 season…and trust us, not all of the action took place at the race track!

Mechanical side

The team putting in some hours to make sure the car is top-notch for the races in Saskatoon. 

Kevin’s team repairing the wheel alignment following an incident during the race. The center link, which reunites both tie-rods, was damaged, which made it hard for him to turn properly.

Victory Lane:

*Pinty's Grand Prix in Toronto (July 15) Our driver picks up 3rd Pinty's Series road course victory of the season

*Ecko Unlimited 100 in Mirabel (July 8) 

*Can-AM 200 in Bowmanville, ON (May 21)


Tailgates: Building Long Lasting Loyalty

We have decided to organize a tailgate party in selected markets where the NASCAR races will take place to increase brand awareness and create a buzz. Here are some photos from this year. Having the actual race car in different locations provides ample opportunity to bring individuals to your location.

 Distribution centre in Brampton, ON

 Bumper to Bumper in Saint-Sauveur

Bumper to Bumper East Angus


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See where and when our tailgates will be taking place and join us. Our tailgates are open to the public. 

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