Hitting the field for the ’17 CFL season

Bumper to Bumper – Canada’s Parts People is partnering with the Canadian Football League to bring two strong Canadian brands together on the field. 

This is the second consecutive year in which Bumper to Bumper will be highly visible throughout the CFL postseason, as well as the 105th Grey Cup in Ottawa on Sunday, November 26. Stay tuned.

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Cooling Depot Blower Motor: High-Quality and Dependable

There are many ways an OE blower motor can fail: due to low-quality wiring, a bad fan unit or just compromised design. Failure can cause breakdowns at the worst times. Best-case scenario, your customer will come in and complain about a constant whining sound coming from underneath the dashboard. If their blower completely fails, however, they simply won't get ventilation into the cabin. During the cold winter months, this can be quite uncomfortable. Regardless of the problem, your task is simple: remove the faulty blower and replace it with a quality part that will last for a long time. So why not choose a blower motor from Cooling Depot?


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