Bumper to Bumper’s driver wins 2017 NASCAR Pinty's Series season opener

Kevin Lacroix claims his fifth career win despite rainy conditions

Talk about making a splash and setting the tone for the upcoming NASCAR season. Kevin Lacroix looked like a seasoned veteran behind the wheel en route to capturing the E3 Spark Plugs Pole Award on Saturday in qualifying for the Can-Am 200 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. On the next day, the driver of the #74 Dodge car captured the checkered flag in style.

Lacroix set a time of 1 minute, 22.810 seconds (106.900 mph) and led the field to green on Sunday's race. Having qualified in pole position during Saturday’s session on a dry track, Kevin was cautious heading into his first start under the heavy rain.

 “It was the first time that I was starting a race under such bad weather conditions, and starting first was intimidating since I had no one in front to help me with the pace. But after a few laps, I was already feeling much better in the car,” explained Kevin.

 Watch Kevin discuss his performance in rainy conditions

Taking a moment to thank his sponsors

“I want to thank all my sponsors this year, without them, this adventure would not be possible,” said Lacroix. 

 The Can-Am 200 was the first of 13 races on the 2017 NASCAR Pinty’s Series schedule.

 Next Stop

Kevin’s next race will be on the Delaware Speedway oval track June 3rd. “I am confident that the race will go well, we made some very good lap time during practice and qualifying last year, and we have a brand new car for oval racing. My challenge will be to keep my focus throughout the whole race,” admitted Lacroix.


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