Bumper to Bumper adds a new location to its network

The opening of this first Canadian greenfield location is fully aligned with Uni-Select’s commitment to extend geographic coverage & build density in core markets across Canada.

Over 20 experienced team members will be working hard to earn the confidence of our customers in London and surrounding areas. With the addition of our new London branch, Uni-Select now has 57 corporate stores in Canada and is better positioned to continue to grow its national footprint organically and through select acquisitions. 

“Bumper to Bumper in London serves as the new benchmark for what our whole team at Uni-Select is capable of achieving – an unmatched commitment to serving our customers with industry-best local product availability, exceptional customer-first service and technical expertise, and a broad suite of innovative business solutions that help our customers save time and money while keeping them working safely on the job,” said Sandro Verrelli, Vice President and General Manager, Bumper to Bumper Corporate Stores, Canadian Automotive Group.

“The opening of the first Bumper to Bumper corporate store in London is an opportunity to expand the brand’s presence nationally and grow in a key market,” added Gary O’Connor, President and Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Automotive Group. “Bumper to Bumper is not just about an image, it is everything that Uni-Select stands for: the quality of its products and the customer experience.”

See a few pictures of the store:


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