Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: New Challenges (And Hazards) In The Workshop

Working as a mechanic has always been a relatively risky job; bodily injuries can happen at any moment if one isn't careful or doesn’t use the right equipment. After all, flammable liquids, sharp steel, power tools with enough strength to rip open metal, caustic acids, and toxic liquids are all part of a mechanic’s typical “day at the office”.


Worldparts CV axle shafts: a crucial link between the engine and the road

Axle shafts might not need to be frequently changed, but they can cause issues if your customer keeps driving on a failing axle for too long – problems like being stranded until the repairs are done. If your customer complains of a loud clicking noise when they accelerate with the steering wheel turned, it might be that a CV shaft needs to be changed.

Worldparts is proud to offer a comprehensive, high-quality line of CV axle shafts to meet the demands of modern customers. Let's delve a little more deeply into what makes Worldparts axles some of the best on the market.



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